Software is not up for sale. You will always receive a license to use a software product. A distinction is made on a company license and a single-user license. Also called a site license or multi-user license can be used on any computer in parallel within a company. A single user license, however, is always tied to a job, which means they will only work on a pre-selected computer. In many cases, these somewhat cheaper version is sufficient. 




Of ready-made software can be obtained for testing a time-limited but fully functional demonstration version. About finished software is available on request also covered the cost of the required license.

New contracts for the development of software can be calculated in a process of consultation, training in the issues and on the basis of good data. After signing the contract begins the development and it ends with the delivery and proof of the agreed functionality. The principal checks in a defined time frame, the software. Authorized repair requirements are met in the short term and the license will be transferred after receipt.