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My name is Frank Tokarski. Even in the period of study before 1973, I had the good fortune to own a programmable calculator. In time as a teacher of mathematics and physics, so I programmed series of tasks with solution results. Playful things like biorhythms based on date of birth relaxed teaching day on before the holidays. In 1987 it was done: The work as developers began programming on a Robotron K1630 system that was compatible with the known PDP11 system. Was initially programmed with FORTRAN and C. In 1991 later with the modern Intergraph workstations were UNIX based so. Among other things, I learned the CAD system MicroStation® know. In this system of Bentley can be programmed using the C language MDL. Meanwhile, one uses MicroStation also on powerful PC. Many MDL applications have since been developed. Since 2007, I offer now as an independent freelance software development in C++ to (Visual Studio with MFC) for Windows, C (MDL) for MicroStation VBA and Excel and Access.
With the realization of many projects demanding surveying solutions are effective for data production. From my extensive experience in surveying you can benefit too.