Particularly effective is an application that lets your future guests and interested parties can pass through your house on the Internet interactively through the networking of some spherical panoramas. soFTpano designed for your house the right virtual tour.

Virtual Tours arise from the composition of various panoramic scenes (spherical and spherical strip) drawn with general plans. In the overview diagrams can be viewed during the virtual home visit, where you are.
The individual sites shine as so-called hotspots, and show like a spotlight in real time the viewing direction. In the panorama shows arrows and buttons are displayed.
By clicking the mouse, you go from one scene to another over and get one more pop-up image. By directly clicking and holding items with the mouse you can rotate the panorama scene. In addition to navigation are a row of buttons, a thumbnail bar and a stage selection.
Each scene can also explanatory text, spoken text and music are displayed. Designing the virtual tour is based on extensive consultation as required.
The virtual tour can easily be integrated into your existing website. Renovating your homepage is often not necessary. Since 2014, we have moved because of security problems to not program the applications in FLASH. The virtual tour "Ferienresidenz Soliva" was from the old Flash version in a modern HTML5 / CSS3 - implemented application.

Click on the image and visit the "Ferienresidenz Soliva" Samnaun (Switzerland). Learn how to deal independently with the controls.

demand increase

  • A study by the market research company [GfK] suggest that time spent on Internet sites with virtual tours is 5 times higher than without this element. And especially the demand for the supply increases - just as the tourism industry shows. Around 65% of all destinations are researched online. Who is there to rich information sets with virtual tours, uses a valuable tool to increase demand.
  • Following the introduction of Virtual Tours for example recorded the Radisson Hotel Group, an increase of 137% in online sales per month over the hotel chain which offers on their site, no virtual tour.
  • A study of the hotel group "Best Western" in the United States found similar results. Thus, the ratio increases with booking hotels with virtual tours of over 40% compared to hotels with simple image galleries. In conclusion, it is now all 2400 hotels in the chain are presented with virtual tours on the Internet.