No matter how well-stocked gallery can give this view their in the actual reality, like a ball screen. Hotels, guest houses, holiday rentals, may your future guests have a fair opportunity to opt for your establishment at home. Architects can present their reference objects more detailed and more vivid. Real estate agents facilitate their future customers to establish interest with a pre-orientation previously unusually open. Tourist facilities and tourist information offices can present their highlights more interesting.

Since 2014, we have moved because of security problems to not program the applications in FLASH. This spherical panorama has been made in modern HTML5 / CSS3. You can launch it as a separate window: Ferienwohnung1   (*Note:In the PC version of Chrome that worked temporarily not)

It's unbelievable how realistic the apartment opens before my eyes. And the best: We have not been disappointed, as we put the first real step across the threshold!*

*) A holidaymaker from Düsseldorf

Individual pages of a website can be illustrated effectively with these spherical panoramas. Overall, the hotel, the board or the house is as a whole  advantageous present, without such at the virtual tour everything is shown next to the site:

  • The spherical panorama fits seamlessly into the side structure of the site.
  • Even in individual spherical panorama, you can insert certain details simply find click-points or click-areas.
  • Besides the panoramic impression you see around all the information and can still quickly move to a different room.
  • In renovations individual rooms the exchange of individual spherical panoramas is relatively straightforward to practice.

Spherical panoramas are made with wide angle lens and special tripod from 28 individual photographs. With special software these photos are put together. Sometimes the lighting conditions require HDR images, which are made of 84 photos.