Smartphones and tablets are becoming more common, the first address when accessing the Internet. A typical case is, for example, the spontaneous decision of a family, go to book accommodation at short notice due to the nice weather. As the PC is at home, come for on-site research for available booking capacities only the tourist information of the resort in question or one uses mobile internet options such as smartphones and tablet.

In preparing the homepages 10 years ago, one has barely thought about how the presentation comes across on a smartphone. Meanwhile, there is an absolute 'must' to note that the contents look good on mobile devices. In the professional templates for the CMS automatic adjustments are already provided. Where this is not the case, a forwarding of the mobile user from their own homepage to the mobile user interface can be set up. For this purpose, a small code in the index.html or index.php file of the "normal" website is inserted. Now any mobile visitor to your website will be automatically detected and gets the mobile version of your website is displayed.  

Many users search the App Store vain for the Adobe Flash Player for the iPad since Flash content on Apple mobile devices in general can not be represented. Especially chic home pages still use Flash content. Several years ago, went on the internet hardly anything without Flash. But again and again vulnerabilities in Flash Player be discovered. Meanwhile, however, is more and more set to the effective standard HTML5, which also supported Apple mobile devices.
Yet still run a lot of videos or games with Flash.
Unfortunately there is no Flash Player, which can be integrated into the iOS system. However, you can (with costs shared) help out with some apps something:
Puffin Web Browser Free
Photon Flash player
Skyfire web browser
Also on the Android phone, you can enable flash videos or animations. The associated app, Google has, however, removed from the Play Store. Nevertheless, you can get the free app from Adobe for example, Download at and then install the. apk file on your android.
Adobe has now (officially in 2011, November 9) confirmed that the Flash Player will no longer be developed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Thus, the company marks the end of the Flash Player, to the desktop. The future belongs to HTML5.
"HTML5 is supported by all significant mobile devices, in some cases exclusively. This makes HTML5 the best solution to develop and deliver content for different mobile platforms."
HTML5 is an extension of the HTML standard. It is part of the browser and is under its complete control. This also makes it possible to influence HTML5 content via add-ons. Therefore HTML5 provides the greatest flexibility.  

On the benefits of HTML5 (acceptance on all device platforms) and superiority over Flash nobody can ignore. Also soFTpano offers you modern web content without Flash. Spherical panoramas and virtual tours you can purchase from us with the HTLL5/CSS3-Technologie. New Websites are generally optimized with HTML5/CSS3 and for mobile devices.